The people who own a Vicious Cycles bicycle are a unique bunch. They appreciate the value of a handmade frame and they understand the feel of a great ride. Read what they've had to say below:

I received my new frame, had it built up, and was on the trails last weekend. The frame by itself looked great before adding the components -- awesome; and it rides great. I'm looking forward to showing it off down here in central Virginia and around the mid-Atlantic states.

-Keith R.

I think I have about 10 rides on my groover thus far, I am very happy with it..for a squishy geared bike. I am still dialing in the suspension and getting used to the higher bottom bracket compared to my singlespeed, but it handles quite well, and is great for the steep technical climbs s and ledges on the greenbelt backtrails around here in Austin.

- Tyler A.

I meant to send you a picture of the bike you built for me. But Iíve been too busy riding to take pictures. Well, here is one from a recent 120 mile ride from North Bend, WA to the Sasquatch music festival in George, WA. I rode the Iron Horse trail, a converted railway.I absolutely love this bike. Itís my mountain bike, my cyclocross bike, my tooling around with the kids bike. Nice work. Best regards,

- Troy J.

I am afraid that this email is long overdue, as I promised to send pictures of my built bike in the spring when I got it. I actually just now got everything the way I want it (new cranks last week) and I love it!! It rides like a dream and looks even better- I can't tell you how many comments it has gotten. In one day at the Tsali trails south of Asheville I had a little girl, a middle-aged woman, and 2 dudes tell me it was the coolest bike they had even seen. I'm sure you get testimonials like this all the time though. Thanks again for executing the exact paint job I had in mind, and for making me one proud bike owner. Take care and let me know if you ever need someone to brag about your bikes to a potential purchaser :)

- Rebecca F.

First let me begin by saying I love your bikes. I owned a Slider with the rasta flame paint (stopped c-crossing, but a friend of mine is keeping it going). I own an electric warrior that I just purchased this summer. With the medium blue to light blue fade with red panels. Love it. So I'd like to thank you for making great bikes. They handle and feel great.

- Paul H.

I EPed A Monolith frame and fork set from you guys about a year ago. The Blue large with yellow pannels. I just wanted to tell you that the bike Is incredable. I love it. I think it became my favrote bike on the first ride. I'm loving the rigid fork even in this rocky Sanoran desert.

- Arlo T.

you all did an incredible job on this frame. it will see mucho singletrack in the future (some snow too). peace,

- Chris C.

Love the frame...beautiful work. Rides excellent! Thanks a lot! The paint job was very good as well. exactly what i was looking for.

- Sean S.

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